Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Abortion Rant

Da Vinci 
A fetus is a viable human life when it can live outside the womb. With the help of medical science, infants can be birthed at earlier ages and survive to be normal adults. Late-term abortions should only be performed during medical emergencies; i.e baby critically injured due to natural or physical causes. If a fetus who can survive outside the womb with medical care is aborted, the mother and practitioner should both be charged with a crime. In the case where a soon-to-be mother has made the decision to abort her late-term pregnancy, the baby should be delivered early so that it may finish its development in an incubator. The mother will sign over all rights to the child and adoptive parents should be found.

If the fetus has not reached this stage, women should have full rights to opt for an abortion. This is a conscience decision by the women about her own body. There are many factors that go into making such a decision and the option should be left open for safe and humane removal and disposal.

Abortions should also be affordable but not funded by the government. Doctor's offices that perform abortions should be free of picketers and religious-pamphlet givers. It should be a private experience just like any other doctor's appointment.

...I dream of the day when science can remove a zygote and grow a neonate.

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