Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Church Leaders Behaving Badly

What is it with religious leaders and sexual misbehavior? It's not just in the Catholic church...everyday more and more of these stories are coming out.

Earlier this year, Stephen Wakefield, 25, was arrested for sexual solicitation a teenage girl. Wakefield worked at both the YMCA and as youth leader at Truth-Missionary Baptist church in Greenville, SC. He met the victim at the church. He was released on bail pending trail.

Only one month later, one fucking  month, he was arrested again for sex crimes. This time with a different girl through Facebook and texting. According to the news report, he sent pictures of his penis and taught the girl how to masturbate. He was released on bail with a court date pending.

Aren't these people supposed to be held to a higher standard? I mean, this guy was in charge of children. It's completely possible that there are more victims. What is the church doing about this problem? As far as I see it, they aren't doing shit about it. They ignore it and most will say he wasn't a "true" Christian. It makes them feel better inside while children are being touched by the people supposedly touched by god.

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