Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've Been Challenged

Last night, I received a text from my best friend Katie*. (She was raised Catholic but is hanging onto her faith in the form of non-denominational mega churches.) Well, her fiance's brother (Jim) is a youth pastor and has apparently gotten wind that I am atheist. *cue creepy music* In the text, Katie tells me that Jim has a book for me and her to read and would "like to have a discussion" about it. The book? I don't Have Enough Faith To Be an Atheist.

First of all, I'm wondering about his motive. If he would like to discuss the book with someone of a different opinion, then I'm down. If he wants to pray over my head and hope to convert me to Christianity, then he is sadly fooled. I think the conversation he'd like to have with me can be done without reading that silly book.

Secondly, even the title of the book makes me think the author is full of shit and this book isn't meant for atheists but for people who are already slaves to their faith. I did a little bit of research on the book yesterday and as expected, its the same ole Christian nonsense. (Has anyone read it?)

As of now, I'm waiting to here back on a motive. I don't think he knows what he's getting himself into. I'm not the smartest person but I'm far from undereducated. Maybe I should warn him that I bring notes and credited sources! Lol

I'm also thinking of just telling him that we can have a friendly debate without the use of the above book. However, Id love to allow him to bring his own Bible and Ill bring mine...I've got a few questions for him LOL

*names have been changed for privacy 

**Update** Well ladies and gents, I have some pretty interesting news. The y.pastor hasn't even read the book yet. He was hoping that we would all read it at the same time & then discuss it. (It really silly to recommend a "good book" without actually reading it first-though, this is what they do with their Bible every day) He has also stated that his goal is not to convert me but to have an open discussion and that he does have questions for me (I'm assuming "how do you believe life got here" sort of stuff) If he is sincere about not wanting to convert me, this should be an interesting dialogue.

I've recommended that if he really wants to discuss the book, we should break it down into sections and have multiple discussions like a book club of sorts. This would make it easier to discuss the topics layed out in the book:absolute vs. Relative truth, morality, evolution vs. Id, & the new testatment (the authors seem to steer away from talking of the ot but like to cherrypick their verses from it)

I'm waiting to hear back & see if everyone wants to do it that way...this book is like 400 freaking pages and I don't want to have to speed read lol :)


  1. Sounds like your typical "fun-loving" Christian who knows they are right because they know they are right. I'd love for him to try that on me. Perhaps you should suggest that he read God is Not Great and then you could discuss it with him. He doesn't even read his own side's books before suggesting them to others. I guarantee you his little group of youth cronies were told from the higher ups to read it and suggest it to people because it has all of the answers. They cannot think for themselves. Hitchens would split this man's only two brain cells wide open.


  2. You are totally spot on! I couldn't believe someone would actually "recommend" a book when they haven't even read it. The book so far is pretty much the same old arguments and it's meant for people who are too undereducated to know the correct science/answers. I'm going to have a lot of fun debunking this crap!!

    Yes, I've told them that if I read if this book, they're reading one of mine. Though, I haven't decided which one yet. :)